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Why we do what we do

We are naturally inquisitive about Business in general, and the processes by which it is conducted. We have an intense interest in Business related technology, in both software and devices. Technology has the ability to increase the pace at which business is conducted in terms of both business transactions and interactions. In reality, many businesses are operating well below their optimal levels. There is a gap between how businesses operate today and how they could and should operate.

Our focus lies in defining this gap and developing and implementing a solution to remove it.

What drives us is making business process more fun, intuitive, “anticipatory”, faster, and more efficient. We hunger for synergy between adopted business process (what needs to be done) and the intuitive, common sense, complementary use of technology to make it happen.

Our business is run with a value-add outcome oriented approach, integrity and importantly agility.

Our Values


We’re passionate about winning, supporting and servicing our customers. Our passion is evident in our hard working, team based culture where we never let a mate, a customer or the company down. We are passionate about exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Pioneering & Innovative

We’ll attempt what others won’t, can’t or haven’t thought of. We’ll worry less about trying and failing, and more about just trying the seemingly impossible or unlikely. We’ll take calculated risks to win business, and use our creativity and imagination to design win/win deals with our customers, suppliers and staff. We’ll try something new, we’re flexible and collaborative in dealings with our customers.


We are net contributors. We are focused on positive outcomes and understand the importance of aligning our energy and effort to your Vision, Mission and Values. We ensure that the work we do on a daily basis leads us one step closer to objectives.


We tell our Customers if our solution isn’t a great fit or the most appropriate. We’re upfront with our Customers when our goods or services have been the cause of an issue. Our integrity and honesty helps build relationships based on trust with customers, suppliers and staff.


Our collaborative approach promotes customer engagement, involvement and importantly education. It ensures we understand what needs to be done and the detail behind why it is important. It drives informed customer decision making.


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Customer feedback

Exelerate have been really easy to work with, they have taken the time to truly understand our business and have delivered a solution that has exceeded our expectations.

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