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Augmented Reality in the Workplace

Microsoft Hololens and Volvo Cars

Microsoft Hololens and Volvo Cars

Welcome to the 21st century where the digital age has shone its light upon us and simplified our processes, unified our workforces and where the concept of a world without some form of technology renders us speechless and disorientated. In our time we have seen some of the most amazing advancements including the internet, portable hard drives, Facebook and the evolution of handheld gaming. But amongst all of these amazing technologies there is one that is coming up fast that isn’t as widely heard of but really should be. That technology is Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented reality is a technology that allows your devices to interact with your surroundings effectively blending the digital and the reality into one.

If you are still scratching your head, think Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go allowed you to catch your Pokemon by displaying it wherever you were. In your living room? Quick, catch the Pidgey. At your local restaurant? Quick, there’s a Gengar on the table next to you. It effectively blended the world of Pokemon with your own world, making it seem like little fuzzy creatures really were all around you. But enough of Pokemon, augmented reality has so many practical applications, especially in the workplace. By blurring those lines between reality and digital you can only imagine some of the capabilities that could exist in the business. We explored and found the top three used of AR for businesses and why you should get on board now.

Remote Workforce

Imagine you are working on a project that requires staff from all different parts of the nation, or the globe. Obviously, it is very difficult to get everybody in the same place and Skype can only do so much. Now, imagine using AR to bring everyone together, projecting the information to everybody so that they can see A) everyone in the room and B) the information you’re trying to convey. Using AR, the ability to collaborate is increased tenfold, resulting in efficient and effective team work

On the Job Training

Out of anything AR can drastically improve, it’s on the job training. Boeing Trainees used AR animated instructions to build mock airplanes in 30% less time and with 90% more accuracy rather than using manuals and pdf documents. Imagine having your trainees complete their training using AR – you could introduce real world scenarios, problems and solutions, allowing your employees to learn faster and learn solutions before encountering problems, saving time and resources further down the track.

Better Customer Service Experience

Instead of customers having to visualize what that makeup will look like, or that new kitchen renovation will look like, using AR, customers could actually get an image of what their purchase looks like and have the opportunity to manipulate it until it’s perfect. This makes the “get it right, first time”, concept a lot easier to achieve. Since customer service is a massive player in all businesses, no matter who you are, having the ability to physically “show” your buyers what the product will look like in their hands also means you can tackle problems before you encounter them and have a much more complex conflict resolution system, resulting in fewer issues and unhappy people.

These are just a small insight into the world of Augmented Reality and how it could positively affect business. AR is ready for businesses, it’s ready to be deployed and utilized. Now is the time to get on board, get that edge over your competitors and get ready for a whole new way to work. Augmented reality is a money and time saving process that could be the make or break for businesses in the future.

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