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Augmented Reality , Microsoft Hololens

Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality is best described as interactive digital content superimposed over reality. It is the blurring of the digital and physical allowing you to interact with digital objects in your environment.

Augmented Reality devices have two basic designs. The first is 3D Binocular – Typically a headset with two eye piece displays and multiple outward facing cameras. The second is 2D Glasses typically with a single eyepiece display and may or may not contain an outward facing camera.

With Augmented Reality you are able to introduce and interact with digital content relevant to your immediate real world need. For example, if an engineer is confronted with a problematic piece of machinery. They are able to call up a 3D image or hologram of the machine in question. Digitally disassemble the machine identifying all the necessary parts and part numbers. Then check stock availability before they start.

Augmented Reality Field Service

Augmented Reality Field Service

In addition, outward facing cameras allow you to share what you are seeing and hearing with as many people has you like. This same feature allows real time feedback from your audience.
This feature is the holy grail when it comes to boosting productivity as it will reduce the number of times Technicians will need to return to site. A win for customer service
What is encouraging is there are a number of credible devices available from Microsoft (HoloLens), Vusix, Meta, Epson Moverio, Atheerair and Reconinstruments.

Augmented Reality is characterised by an experience that:
• Has an outward focus
• Is environment aware
• Allows external contextual triggers
• Is dynamic and portable
• Allows for an unlimited expandable work area
• Does not restrict area of movement
• Delivers contextual content eg. Technical reference material
• Interaction uses hand gestures like air tap, pinch, swipe and hold
• Outward facing camera’s allow extra eyes and ears onsite for remote support

For widespread use in the commercial world, Augmented Reality is going to increase productivity, decreases human error and create a whole new level of working environment for any industry, anywhere in the world.

If you would like to know more about how Augmented Reality can be used in your business, or stay current with ongoing development of this technology. Contact us.

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