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Business Intelligence & Reporting

Having access to your data to assist with reporting on and improving performance is front of mind whenever we consider how a solution should be designed.

Whether you are looking for:

  • Alert or Alarm reports.
  • Customer centric reports (Customer x Product x Region etc.)
  • Product centric reports (Product x Region x Salesperson etc.)
  • Productivity reports (Activities x Sales Person etc.)
  • Supplier centric reports (Supplier x Region x Product etc.)
  • or a more random type inquiry of How often does XYZ occur.

There are a number of data visualisation tools available to you in the preparation of:

  • Charts
  • On Screen or Off Screen reporting
  • “Slicing and Dicing” Data Cubes
  • Report Packs and Board Reports

You also have a choice of delivery mechanism too.

  • Traditional hardcopy
  • On Screen
  • Mobile device

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