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CPQ – Configure Price Quote – Product Configurator

CPQ is about the elimination or error and the enablement of your Sales Team.

The Need for Simplified Quoting

Are you still using word processing software and spreadsheets to manage pricing and create quotes? While these tools may be familiar and convenient, they are not reliable platforms on which to build product configurations and generate accurate quotes and proposals for your prospects and customers.

A better way is to use Configure Price Quote software apps, often referred to as CPQ. CPQ apps eliminate a common problem facing many sales organizations: how to produce accurate and professional sales quotes for prospects quickly, while eliminating errors and inefficiencies.

C is for Configure

We are configuring products all the time. CPQ software fulfills this need by enabling B2B sellers to offer unique combinations of products and services that deliver exactly what their buyers need. CPQ software enables the sales person to easily and accurately create a quote with a custom configuration for each customer, as needed. Rarely does one size fit all.

P is for Price

How often do you sell at full list price? Perhaps you offer special pricing, bundle pricing or volume pricing, or maybe your sales reps like to apply extra discounts to “sweeten the deal.” Keeping track of current pricing, discount rules and bundle pricing can be a major headache. But more importantly, it can be disastrous to the bottom line.It can also be embarrassing when you misquote prices to a customer, and can even cause you to lose the deal.By using CPQ software, you can be sure that your pricing is accurate and optimized.

Q is for Quote

With CPQ software, a sales rep quickly generates a quote, sends it via email, and can even include an e-signature to close the deal in just a few clicks. The software eliminates errors by automatically pulling in product data, calculating pricing, and accurately displaying product configurations. CPQ software can also generate a quote document that matches your company’s branding guidelines, makes a polished and professional impression, and can help you seal the deal.

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