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Guided Selling

What is “Guided selling for Quotes and Orders”.

Guided selling is a software based solution that provides decision making support which directs users to a valid combination of products and services that is right for their set of circumstances.

The level of guidance provided can be customised so that it is appropriate to the intended users and the complexity of the products concerned.

The benefits of Guided Selling for Customers are.
• Reduced reliance on scarce technical resources.
• Accurate pricing information.
• Valid product and service combinations.
• Accurate. Eliminates incompatible and or missing items.
• Decrease costs by eliminating errors.
• Increase revenue. Up sell and cross sell opportunities automatically identified.
• Increased productivity through removal of process bottlenecks and simplification of processes.

What does a guided selling solution consist of?

These solutions can consist of purpose built software like Experlogix CPQ.

Alternatively simpler guided selling solutions can be constructed by ensuring your software:
• Asks the right questions.
• Follows an appropriate sequence.
• Has mechanisms to prevent error.

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